I have migraines and I’m pregnant, perfect time to start a company!

I’ve probably started this company a thousand times... in my head... In reality, it’s taken about 3 years, having and losing multiple jobs, turning 30, and getting pregnant to finally get to this point of actually taking concrete steps to make this idea a reality. The idea is finding the best natural products for migraineurs and making them easily and affordably available in one place - Micrate.

Being a longtime sufferer of chronic migraines myself, this is something I am deeply passionate about. However, to be honest I’ve often questioned whether I have the strength and motivation to make Micreate into everything I dreamed.

Like most aspiring entrepreneurs I’ve had A LOT of ideas over the years. However, like most migraineurs I often find it difficult to summon the energy to even accomplish the most basic tasks. When I would find myself in pain and exhausted, and unable to face even doing a load of laundry I would wonder, “how the hell am I going to start and run a business???”.

The answer has been taking a friend’s incredibly sage advice; focus on small achievable goals. So over the past year I’ve tried to do just that and while progress has been very slow, and at times essentially stagnant, I’m finally able to see Micrate actually taking shape.

After months of finalizing designs and researching packaging and products I am incredibly excited to start building a supportive community for migraineurs looking for natural, healing products.